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New Videos and Stuff

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Entertainment

ChillingChimp is coming out with another video soon. It’s called “Weight-Loss Shampoo.” We got some filming done on Saturday when it was supposed to warm up but it actually was still cold when we had to film outside. Brr! Check out the website for more info:

That’s all for now!

PS. Happy New Years!


ChillingChimp YouTube Channel

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Entertainment
Hey everyone, 

My friends and I have a YouTube channel


Go there to find some awesome videos!



Posted: March 17, 2007 in Entertainment

Think carefully about this one!







In the middle of the table is a round food tray with five kinds of Fruits on it. They are:

A. Apple
B. Banana
C. Strawberry
D. Peach
E. Orange

Which fruit will you choose? Please think VERY carefully and don’t rush into it. This is great, I was astounded! Your choice reveals a lot about you!

Test results: Please SCROLL DOWN








If you have chosen:

A. Apple: That means you are a person who loves to eat apples
B. Banana: That means you are a person who loves to eat bananas
C. Strawberry: That means you are a person who loves to eat strawberries
D. Peach: That means you are a person who loves to eat peaches
E. Orange
: That means you are a person who loves to eat oranges

I hope you find fulfillment in this new insight about yourself. May it bring you peace and understanding, tranquility and all that other profound stuff.

Have a Purrrr-fect Day!




















VBS Update

Posted: August 25, 2005 in Entertainment
Well, the week of VBS is over, and the final performance was on Sunday.  I helped all week with the video machine, starting, stopping and rewinding, over and over again for all the different groups that came in.  Ii also helped with any other things that needed to be done.  I had a great time, and so did all the other kids.  I’d really like to help again next year.

Peace Country Gospel Jamboree

Posted: August 3, 2005 in Entertainment
Hi Everyone, 🙂

Last weekend, the long weekend in fact, we went to the Peace Country Gospel Jamboree near Beaverlodge, Alta.  My family and I had a great time listen to the country (and bluegrass) music.  The very last performers were Ricky Skaggs and his band.  But it was disappointing that at the beginning of Ricky Skaggs one and a half hour performance, it started to rain. (Ricky Skaggs asked “How come every time I come to Canada, it wants to rain?”) Most people stayed for the Ricky’s performance.  George Canyon also was their (performing 3 times for about 50 minutes each time) and people say that more people may have come to see George Canyon than Ricky Skaggs. Most people there may have been Mennonites (my relatives being some).  Tim Lovelace, a musician/comedian (christian of course) was also there, but his wife couldn’t be there due to the recent birth of their child.  We bought one of his DVDs and the boys have just enjoyed watching it.
Also today, since Telus/Telecommunications Workers Union is on strike, Bell is flying a blimp like air craft advertising their phone company.  I took some pictures, and they will be posted in a few days, so check back for updates.  My cousin’s (TELUS) phone broke down and it hasn’t gotten repaired yet, probably due to the TELUS Strike.  The blimp is still out there somewhere.  It was first spotted (by us) around 11:30, and is still flying after about 3 hours of flying.  Remember that pictures are coming soon.
We had plans to go camping after the jamboree.  Andrew was not feeling to well the day we were going to go.  We decided to go home instead.  The following day after we came home, I got a headache.  And if we had gone camping, we would have missed that Bell Blimp flying around town. I hope we go camping another time instead.
Visit our family web page.  Photos of Beaverlodge Jamboree coming soon.
Anyway, this group is coming to the church and tonight the inter-church youth group and young teens are going to meet with Sorjorn from 7 -9 about.  I went to it. and I had a great. time. What did the rest of you did over the weekend. I went to the Farmer’s Market on the 14th of May. E-mail and tell me