Teachers’ Strike Still Going

Posted: October 21, 2005 in School
Well, the teachers in BC are still on strike, but they are voting on some recommendations soon. I sure hope the teachers would get back to work.  I miss my friends from school.  I just thought I’d let you know.  I let you know also when the strike has ended
Check back soon for updates
Today was youth group and I had a great time. We were supposed to play wallyball at the local gym, but it had been double book, so we had to go bowling instead.  We had just as much fun when we went bowling.  The week before that we had a food drive. That was a great time.  My friend Trevor goes to my school, but now I only see him on Fridays, and Sundays in church.  This is because of the stirke.  It’s been so long since the strike began.  I can hardly remember that atmosphere of my school, eh.  I miss school
Abother thing is that I;m in band and we have a concert on Nov. 24th, and because of the teachers strike, we haven’t had anything to play for the concert, so we may not have a winter concert this year, because of the teachers strike.  I sure hope this issue gets resolved. 
As you can see, I have changed my background to a more suitable one for this time of year.  We still haven’t seen any snow.  Last year it was here by Sept 10th.  Well, forcastors are saying no snow till November!  That would be nice.  I can’t wait for the snow to fall. 
Matt Schlosser

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